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The hospital plays a statewide role in rehabilitation services, which includes the Acquired


"I am grateful to have visited India and met Dr. Anirban Biswas who is like a godsend. I was not able to walk even a few steps before taking his treatment & every moment of my life was miserable. It is no less than a miracle that I am now able to do everything which a normal person is supposed to do. All thanks to him.
May lord almighty bless him ."



NOW I FEEL ALIVE- Patient IDA from Cameroon is free from asthma inhalers & nebulizers after 4 years.

This is my recent picture, I was not looking like this just a month back. I was very sick and tired of my illness. I am thankful to god to have given my life back.

Hello, my name is IDA, I am from CAMEROON. I am an asthma patient & was leading a good healthy life till 4 years back when I developed a serious chest infection. After recovery from that, I developed a severe dry cough which used to trouble me all day and night. I was not able to sleep or even walk or talk properly. I was treated for it in my country, but all sorts of inhalers, nebulizers, and antibiotics failed to cure me.

For the last 4 years, I am suffering daily & leading a miserable life.


My cough was so bad that sometimes I used to pass urine in my clothes while coughing. I had to be nebulized very frequently, even after going to the toilet. All my family members and relatives were very sad about my illness, but they were helpless. I even visited Nigeria for better treatment facilities and was treated at their best hospitals without any benefit.

I had lost every hope of my recovery and was very depressed. My daughter who works in a medical agency somehow came to know about Dr. Anirban Biswas-asthma specialist doctor in New Delhi, through some other patient. As a last resort, we traveled to India & started on his treatment.

My condition was so bad that I had to get admitted for 4-5 days. initially, I was put on medicines to clear the cough out of my lungs. Later on, after getting discharged from the hospital, I was put on his lung detox plan and started improving rapidly.

Now, it's been a month on his treatment and I am 80% better, and that too without any inhalers and nebulizers. My cough is gone and I am leading a very normal life. watch video